Upload. Standby. Enjoy.


All the hard work happens in the cloud.

Produce Audio

If you're a podcaster, record your show and create a final mixdown with all of your work parts. We recommend that you do not apply any kind of compression to the overall mix -- we'll take care of that for you. If you're planning to upload music, then those files are probably ready to go right now.


Upload Audio

Login to your FixMyLevels account and upload your file(s). At this point, your audio is off on the adventure of a lifetime as it is whisked away to a land of processing delight. We gently pull your files apart and make intricate changes to the gain and loudness properties of each file in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy Audio

After your file has wrapped up its vacation in the cloud, it will be returned to you with precise loudness control and a touch of sunscreen applied. You can then send it off to your podcast service for publishing, or upload it to your music distribution system. Celebrate with friends. You deserve it.

File Workflow
FixMyLevels File Workflow
The Process

Wideband AGC - Smooths out the overall gain of the file and prepares the audio for multiband compression.

Bass Management - EQ's bass frequencies to match the texture of the final mix.

Multiband Compression - Divides the audio into smaller frequencies and individually compresses or enhances overall gain. The majority of the loudness correction happens in this stage.

Mixdown - Individual frequencies exiting the multiband stage are recombined here.

Final Peak Limiter - Lookahead limiter provides precision peak control and finalizes the loudness of the mix.


Waveform Comparison
Sometimes you just have to see the waveform to understand the power of the FixMyLevels processing core. Below, you will see a podcast that was processed by our algorithms. In the first waveform, you'll see huge disparities between the gain and loudness levels of the file. Especially noticeable is the severe clipping midway through the program. The second waveform demonstrates how FixMyLevels is capable of correcting all the issues in the original source material.
Can we do this for your audio?
You bet we can.
Unprocessed Podcast
Excessively Soft
Severe Clipping
Loudness Variation
Unprocessed Podcast
Processed Podcast
Gain Applied
Reduced Clipping
Multiband AGC
Processed Podcast

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