Simplified Pricing.


Pay a few bucks, or pay nothing. The choice is yours.

FML Unlimited


FREE Unlimited Processing Time (Ad-Supported)

What if we told you there was a place you could process as much audio as you'd like without paying a single penny? Yeah, that's a real place. Come on in, make yourself at home, and stop getting ripped off by those other guys. You know who we're talking about.

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Two Dollars

$2/Month - Up to FOUR (4) Processing Hours per Month ($0.50/hour)*

You like to do a podcast every couple of weeks, but you don't really need a ton of processing time. Or you just like to fix a few songs from your personal collection every once in awhile. Either way, this is the package you're after.

Five Dollars
FML 10

$5/Month - Up to TEN (10) Processing Hours per Month ($0.50/hour)*

You are awesome. People actually want to listen to your podcast every week and you have a handful of fans that send you weird stuff in the mail. If you run an internet radio station, this should cover your monthly new adds.

Ten Dollars
FML 25

$10/Month - Up to TWENTY-FIVE (25) Processing Hours per Month ($0.40/hour)*

This is only for super-famous podcast stars that are producing a lot of content every month. OK, you don't have to be that famous, but this package is not for the faint of heart. If you spend more time with your microphone than your kids, this one is for you.

One Million Dollars
Network Package

UNLIMITED Processing Hours per Month

If you're a part of a network that is producing more than 25 hours of content per month, or a background music service with high volume, please contact us for pricing. We will create a package that meets your needs. It won't be $1 million per month.

FML Unlimited
FML 4, 10, or 25
File Duration Limit

30 Minutes

4 Hours


Bulk File Download

Immediate File Download